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Since its inception in 2013, BEAST Baseball has quickly grown to be one of the premier travel baseball organizations on Long Island.  With over 25 teams representing the organization in 8U-16U baseball, Team BEAST offers a variety of options for players looking to play at a higher level.  

All of our teams are trained by our professional staff in our Commack facility.  Our comprehensive winter training program is designed to develop our players in all aspects of the game.  From foundational skill development, to overall physical conditioning, to the mental aspects of the game and building baseball IQ, our players receive the necessary hands on training to prepare them for the field.

BEAST teams play in several local leagues including Boys of Summer, Baseball Heaven and Hot Stove.  The teams compete in various local and national tournaments based on age and team level of play.  Team BEAST was represented in over 80 different tournaments in 12 states in 2016.

Overview of team programs:

8U-9U - Our focus with our youngest teams is on skill development and the fundamentals of the game.  Teams complete winter training with BEAST trainers, concentrating on proper mechanics and field positioning.  Teams play in a local spring league and practice weekly with the coaches.  By late spring/early summer teams will typically play a local tournament to get a better sense of travel baseball.  Local league play will continue through the summer and fall with additional local tournaments added in. View our 8U-9U teams.

10U-11U - As the teams get older we start to build additional components to their training plans, while still reinforcing the fundamental aspects learned at the younger levels.  Teams begin to focus on overall conditioning with our speed and agility programs.  Our players learn the importance of their overall health and fitness and how it impacts their performance on the field.  Teams at the 10U and up level will still participate in league play but start to build out more competitive tournament schedules.  It is at these age groups that the teams start to travel off the Island to get a taste of new competition in tournaments such as Ripken and War at the Shore. View our 10U-11U teams.

12U-13U - Our middle school aged players benefit from more specialized training to prepare them for the transition and adjustment to the big field.  Our athlete conditioning for these players starts to incorporate more strength and mobility work.  Our baseball instruction works on adjusting mechanics for heavier bats and longer throws.  Teams in this age group adjust their schedules to accommodate school ball and typically play a heavier tournament schedule with more frequent travel, including Cooperstown for the 12U teams.  In 2016 our 12U age group was invited to send a select team to the TCS Slumpbuster in Omaha.  Our 13U players competed against the country's top teams at Historic Dodgertown, Dan Duquette Sports Academy and Maplezone Sports Institute among other high level tournaments. View our 12U-13U teams.

14U-16U - High school aged players require training and tools that go beyond the ball field.  At this age our athlete conditioning program becomes more intense and individualized.  Players are educated on proper nutrition, position specific physical training and the importance of proper recovery care.  We work with our players and their parents to prepare for college play.  Showcases, national tournaments, and other high exposure opportunities are critical components of our older teams' schedules.  In 2016 our 14U MVP BEAST team competed at the PG World Series and USA Baseball 14U Cup among other prominent tournaments. View our 14U-16U teams.

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From our state of the art sports facility to our professionally trained baseball teams, our goal at BEAST is to develop athletes of all abilities to their fullest potential.






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