Teams: 10U-11U

As the teams get older we start to build additional components to their training plans, while still reinforcing the fundamental aspects learned at the younger levels.  Teams begin to focus on overall conditioning with our speed and agility programs.  Our players learn the importance of their overall health and fitness and how it impacts their performance on the field.  Teams at the 10U and up level will still participate in league play but start to build out more competitive tournament schedules.  It is at these age groups that the teams start to travel off the Island to get a taste of new competition in tournaments such as Ripken and War at the Shore.



Coaches - Steve Krzemienski, Mike Mohr, Tony Roselli

Players - L. Ciminiello, A. Hildebrand, E. Kay, R. Krzemienski, C. McHugh, E. Mohr, A. Murphy, J. O'Leary, J. Roselli, C. Schramm

2016 Championships - Cooperstown 10U, The Rock Strike Out Leukemia, BBH Labor Day, BBH Memorial Day, BBH Ducks Invitational, ECYB Signs of Summer


Coaches - Dermot O'Connor, Scott Kirschbaum, Mike Tuffy

Players - K. Abruzzo, B. Bloom, B. Cascone, M. Horowitz, J. Infald, J. Kirschbaum, J. Montes, A. O'Connor, C. O'Donnell, M. Shovelson, J. Silvers, M. Tuffy

2016 Championships - Otsego Spring Invitational


Coaches - Jimmy Brown, John DiBenedetto

Players - J. Brown, G. DiBenedetto, M. Hendrickson, V. Lacascia, J. Leguernic, T. McElwee, B. O'Neill, A. Suapengco, T. Varlack, D. Vincent

2016 Championships - BBH Columbus Day, BBH East Coast Nationals, ECYB Spring Shootout, ECYB Spring Fever



Coach - Brian Sztabnik

Players - M. Brewer, R. DePrizio, J. DeRosa, J. Ferrazano, P. Kritikos, K. Lubben, J. Peykar, M. Rappa, J. Sackstein, A. Smith, T. Taylor



Coach - Pete Kritikos

Players - J. Berkery, F. Caldone, N. Capone, T. Goldberg, M. Hilsenroth, B. Lehmler, T. Lynch, M. Mattera, C. Messina, J. Ortiz, A. Ruder, Z. Winter

2016 Championships - Otsego Spring Invitational


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